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Screwed on face plate.

Handsfree Sensor

Screwed on face plate.

Handsfree Sensor

Magnetised face plate.

Dementia Areas

We have developed a sensor for inside the ceiling that will flush the WC unit should the occupant forger/fail to do so thus ensuring that the WC is flushed.

If the unit is flushed by the user then the sensor will be over ridden so that only one flush occurs

Sensor & Touch Plates can be made to your specifications

We now use Stainless Steel Solenoids Valves (previously Nickel Plated Brass Valves) which will give the Valves better longevity.

100% Australian owned, and boasting systems designed with sensitivity to water preservation, the FlushSaver “Smart Toilet Systems” are the ideal solution for all your projects washroom needs.

New “Dual Flush Sensors” (hands free) for WC Pan units – same design and size as our current “Touch Pad” units but not touch. Finishes available are Chrome, Polished Stainless Steel or any standard paint colour. These will complement our range of Sensor (hands free) Taps.

All parts are Australian standards approved to “Quality Guaranteed Conditions” ISO 9001

We are able to provide advice to Architects, Designers, Builders, Engineers & End Users regarding technical specification requirements, or assist with design objectives, so please contact WCSI and arrange an appointment to view the range, answer any queries you may have, and discuss which FlushSaver options are appropriate for the projects you are currently working on.

“FlushSaver Smart Toilet Systems” are available from Water Conservation Services 02 9971 1014

WC System Components

Below are the components that work behind the scenes. Built with high quality products to deliver the result you deserve.

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